Well I can say there hasn’t been too much gig activity for nearly a year but I have been quietly chipping away at a few things behind the scenes!  I have been laying down some demos for some new recordings (more info forthcoming) and you can now stream some of my previously recorded tracks including The Martian Time Slip on Spotify and Apple Music.  Be sure to check it out and tell your friends!! 

It’s been a pretty weird year and at first I was kind of into having a break.  I have never taken any time off gigging, trying to book gigs, hauling PA, rehearsing, recording and all the things that make up the work of being a musician.  But now, I am just missing all of you and playing live music, hanging with the band and sharing in the experience together.  I know you’re out there and when it’s time we’ll rock and roll again!  Can’t wait!!